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Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts. VST plug-ins are software modules that can take the form of real-time instruments or effects. Thousands of plugins exist, making VSTi the most widespread audio plugin architecture.

Serum 1.22b1 *PRE RELEASE* (a1/a2)

28-12-2018, 13:50
Serum 1.22b1 *PRE RELEASE* (a1/a2)



I'm posting a pre-release version here for you guys before its available as a primary download.


Please read:

• do not use for production purposes - I do expect things will be fine and things should be compatible moving forward, but I still say this because if you need to go back to an older Serum version for some unforeseen reason, the old version won't open anything saved in this one.


added: Custom (user text entry) category in browser
added: WT Editor FFT bins right-click additional feature: “Snap vertical draw to quarters” quantizes FFT Bin mouseclicks to 0, 25, 50, 75, 100%
added: WT Editor FFT bins right-click additional feature: “Scale Freq Values by Bin Index”. This makes higher bins scale relative to their bin location, for example normally a saw wave would show the bins scaling lower as you go to higher bins (which is the true amplitude values needed for a saw). When this feature is enabled, drawing a flat line across the FFT Bins at 50% will produce a saw.
added: unison phase memory trigger (MemTrig): Triggers the unison voices with the same relative phases each note on. This makes an effect similar to a sample, where the unison will start identical each new note (without the “laser zap” effect of having all phases simply zeroed). To activate, turn RAND and PHASE knobs to 100% on an oscillator to enable MemTrig. Lower the Rand knob temporarily (while playing a note or notes) to get a new randomized set of phases. These phases will save in the preset/song.
added: WT Editor -> Process Menu -> Set Spectra same for all Frames (from current): applies FFT bins (spectrum) from current frame to all frames. This feature may not be terribly useful beyond education, it was mostly added because it is an easy permutation of the next one:
added: WT Editor -> Process Menu -> Set Phases same for all Frames (from current): applies the FFT phase information from current frame to all frames. This is useful to make all tables match in phases beyond just the fundamentals for e.g. solid/consistent sound during morphing.
added: on MacOS, file dialog windows are now detached from the plugin frame
added: retina support. (Skins note: 1x folder images are now only used for non-retina displays and when Serum is 100% size or smaller)
added: noise osc direct out
added: if you save a preset as default.fxp (or Default.fxp) located in /User subfolder of /Presets, Serum will load this preset on new instantiations of Serum.

fix: value tips flicker when fine-adjusting (shift key)
fix: in previous 1.21b versions, if loading presets which contained tuning files, Serum could stay ‘locked’ on that tuning file (tuning file persisted on preset changes).
fix: if disabled, “help” tooltips were temporarily re-enabling after a dialog-based file import.
fix: on Windows, If a knob was under remote control (CC or DAW automation), and the mouse is used to set modulation depth on the knob (mini-arc), the knob could stop visually updating to the automation until the UI was reset (e.g. project reopened, or window resized).
fix: right-clicking in preset browser could bring up context menus for modulated controls underneath the window.
fix: on Windows, when saving a wavetable to Serum’s Tables folder, Serum was not storing the new path/name in to the current preset.
fix: micro (quiet) clicks were emitting periodically from some effects (delay, chorus, hall reverb, dim exp, hyper)

added: improve support for Ableton Live HiDPI on Windows (no need to disable AutoScale)
added: Fast matrix assignment for vibrato in Matrix drop-down menu (next unused LFO to Global tuning)

(a7-10) misc fixes (new bugs mostly)


added: SerumFX now gives the option to route adudio input to the noise oscillator by selecting it at the top of the Noise Osc noises menu. When enabling "audio Input" on this menu, the plug-in input no longer goes directly to the FX rack. Instead it will be triggered like a noise sample would be, every time a MIDI note is played. This way you can use the main filter (top-right of OSC page), NoiseOsc as mod source, use the Noise osc volume and pan controls, Env1 for level, etc.

added: WT Editor -> Process -> "Subtract Spectra from other Osc": Removes the (relative amount) of harmonic content contained in the corresponding other oscillator. This applies to all frames (as the process menu always does).

1.22b1 a1:
Improved: Content filters now sort alphabetically (previously was first letter only, and case sensitive)
Improved: Content filters now update when using search to narrow results.
Improved: Content filter mode (by location, by category) now remembers your last choice.
Fix: In previous pre-release, single-cycle wavetables were not updating visually when loaded.
Fix: In previous pre-release, the new feature to subtract harmonics in WT Editor Process menu could lead to a crash.

122b1a2: Windows AAX fix only (crash if zoom was not default)

122b4a1 (soon): Fix for MIDI program changes causing a crash if GUI had never been opened.


Shared by: 7IBBE77S

Xfer_Serum_Update_122b1a1_OSX.rar 15.45 MB
Xfer_SerumFX_Update_121b9a11_OSX.rar 7.08 MB
Xfer_Serum_Update_122b2a3_WIN.rar 18.40 MB
Xfer_SerumFX_Update_122b2a3_WIN.rar 10.04 MB
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